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World Autism Awareness Day is Monday April 2, 2012

What is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are lifelong developmental disabilities characterised by marked difficulties in social interaction, impaired communication, restricted and repetitive interests and behaviours and sensory sensitivities. Source

Is there a cure? There is presently no known cure for ASD. However, early intervention, specialised education and structured support can help develop an individual’s skills. Source. It is recommended that a child with Autism receives at least 20 hours of therapy each week. 

What is the Autism Puzzle Piece? There is alot of debate about this - however, I choose to use it as a positive icon for Autism. Autism (and NOT the person) is the puzzle that we are trying to learn more about. 

Who are you?

My name is Tracey and I'm a mum of two gorgeous kids. 

My daughter, Jovie (2), was diagnosed with Autism in September 2011.  Since her diagnosis, we've been busy figuring out this world of therapy, appointments, new advancements and events around the world to support Autism awareness.


Find out more about Jovie & Autism here.

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