About 18 months ago on my personal blog, I posted about The Wonder Weeks book that I had received and was quickly falling in love with. I tend not to be a “parenting by the book” person, but we all know there are periods in a baby’s life where you just don’t know what is going on. The Wonder Weeks, for me, gave me a sense of empowerment, in that I could understand what may be happening. Not out of hunger or sickness – but out of nature’s way, that our babies are constantly learning and growing every hour of the day – and that can be scary!

For more information on The Wonder Weeks book, here are some great links to start off with before you make your investment in the book:
The Wonder Weeks (official site from what I can tell)
The Wonder Weeks – Eight predictable leaps in your baby’s mental development – book content preview
A good summary about Wonder Weeks

Leave a comment if you’re a fan of the Wonder Weeks theory too!