A dear friend of mine, Amanda Gilligan, recently moved to Vancouver, from Sydney where she was an amazing school teacher. On her blog, Mocking Bird, she’s posted about inspiring our kids to be book lovers

My most favourite point that she’s made is the first –
Love books yourself- children model their parents behaviour. If your child sees you reading books, enjoying books, buying books and sharing books, they will want to do the same thing.

Me? I’m not a book lover, but I love to read books with my kids. I think that even if it you can’t spend 15 minutes on yourself each day, reading the latest bestseller, than at least spend 15 minutes with your kids reading each day, and find a way to make it fun for everyone involved (And nothing says fun that Mummy trying to make barnyard sounds!)

To read more about Amanda’s tips on creating a book rich life for your child, please read the full blog post at http://www.mocking-bird.org/blog/2010/04/05/ways-to-inspire-kids-to-love-books