With the Australian weather warming up (and thank goodness!), it’s a great time to check your sunscreen stash. I’ll admit to only wearing sunscreen on my face everyday, forgetting the rest of me AND the kids – so when NIVEA SUN invited me to check out their newest products for summer, I thought it would be a great way to remind you also!

Pictured above is the new NIVEA SUN Ultra Beach Protect Sunscreen Spray and the NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play Protection Lotion. I’ve thrown them both in the kid’s swimming bag and applied it before we head out for a morning swim & play in the park with our friends.

My son Jasper (3) getting his sunscreen on before a swim

I really like that the NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play Protection Lotion is specifically created for young kid’s skin. It includes Panthenol (a form of Vitamin B) which is widely used in many cosmetics (like Kiehls) because of it’s moisturising abilities. I also like that this was easy for my 3 year old to squeeze – teach them young! The Ultra Beach Protect spray is great for quick applications – it contains a rich moisturiser that keep your skin from drying out after time in the sun and salt water. Protect your skin from UV ray exposure at the beach this season.

Both NIVEA SUN sunscreens above are 4 hours water resistant and have an SPF of 30+. I found them both great to apply on the kids skin – not smelly or too thick, with a little rub they absorbed into their skin well and a few hours later they still felt hydrated from the sunscreen.

Sun protection doesn’t end at the pool or beach though – living in Australia means you have to take care of your skin every single day, whether the sun is out or not! The NIVEA SUN range now includes the Light Feel Every Day Sun Lotion (also SPF30+ and 4 hours water resistant) that has been designed to feel like a daily moisturiser. It feels really great on the skin and easily replaces my usual moisturiser this Spring and Summer. I either keep this one in my bag or near the door, it’s my new favourite every day sunscreen for me and the kids :)

You can find NIVEA SUN products at Coles, Woolworths and some pharmacies in Australia. RRP from AU$13.95.

To find out more about the NIVEA SUN product range, check out their website here nivea.com.au/products/Sun-Care or Facebook page

NIVEA SUN is also a partner of SWIM Australia which spreads it’s messages of health, safety, fun and fitness in a positive caring environment. You can find out more about SWIM Australia by visiting their website swimaustralia.org.au

The Australian Baby Blog was invited to review the NIVEA SUN range.