My daughter is the premier escape artist when it comes to brushing her hair.

She hates it. Bring out a brush, and she runs a mile! Finally get her sitting and she wiggles and wriggles like a little Houdini. Brushing out those knots and tangles was a nightmare – until we tried the Johnson’s Kids No More Tangles Spray ….

Have you ever tried a detangling spray before? Whether you have or haven’t, you’ll love this one!

As you can see from our photos below, her tangles were out in no time. All it took was a few spritz from the bottle, and the comb ran through her hair easier than ever! The yummy strawberry scent made the experience for us all even better. A direct and honest quote from my mum (who is in the photos) – “Oh! It does work! I wasn’t expecting that”. Thanks Grandma!

Now, if only she would sit still for us :)

The detangle spray can be used on dry or wet hair, won’t sting little eyes and is great for every day use.

To find the Johnson’s Kids No More Tangles Spray 200ml, please call 1800 029 979. RRP $3.99

Johnson’s Kids No More Tangles Spray was kindly sent to me to review.