I love wall decals! I’ve blogged about wall stickers that I’ve found on the net before, but for some reason hadn’t gotten around to updating our walls for a little while.

Luckily for me, the awesome 41 Orchard contacted me last week and here I am today – HAPPY to show off our newly decaled walls!

Let’s start at the beginning. 41 Orchard are an amazing Australian company that specialises in eco-friendly wall decals. All of their fabric wall stickers are made in Australia! You can tell by their website that good, creative design is important to them and it definately does show in their product. I’ve had fun with 3 of their wall decals throughout our home, and the quality of the decal is noticeably better than the other wall decals I’ve used before.

41 Orchard designs are made in Australia from a low-tac self adhesive fabric specifically designed for wall graphics. The wall decals are also made with eco-friendly non-toxic inks and our wall decals are PVC free and biodegradable.

Each wall decal should last several years and can be applied to any clean wall. (Wait a few weeks if you’ve just painted the wall though). Applying a 41 Orchard wall decal to a surface was super easy – even my 4 year old could do it! They are repositionable so if you want to move it around, you can.

Pictured above are photos of the awesome Plaque Chalkboard Wall Sticker ($45). There was this empty spot in our dining room that needed a little something, and the chalkboard wall decal is perfect! We’re going to use it for everything from inspiring quotes to get us through tough times, to ‘letter of the day’ lessons for our kids. It’s a great alternative to bringing in a chalkboard from the toy box, or painting a whole wall with chalkboard paint. The Chalkboard Wall Sticker is pretty big (56cm high x 49cm wide) so you can get as creative as you want on it! (I’m using regular chalk bought from Kmart and had no problems erasing/redoing my drawings).

The Chalkboard Wall Sticker was also easy to reposition – no paint chips came off and it was as sticky as before.

The second wall decal is the super cute Apple Initial Wall Sticker ($30). It lives perfectly next to my daughter Jovie’s bed and is the sweetest little decal ever! You can get the Apple Wall Sticker in either red or green – which is perfect if you want to order more than one.

Last but not least are the Mushroom Madness Wall Stickers ($50). We love Mario Brothers in this house, so I knew these would be a hit with my son (and husband…). I placed these Mushroom wall decals on my office wall which I painted blue and I think they look awesome! It’s made the corner more special and my son keeps asking me to play in the mushrooms with him – so I’ve placed a few more mushroom decals in our living room just to keep him happy :)

Whether you’re looking for wall decals or not, you’re bound to love 41 Orchard‘s range of wall stickers. The nursery wall decals are colourful and fun – there’s everything from zoo animals to balloons to cars. They’ve got a selection of chalkboard wall stickers and tree wall decals to choose from, aswell as personalised name wall stickers.

41 Orchard ship around the world, so everyone can enjoy the fun!

For more details, please visit the 41 Orchard website and send me photos of your own 41 Orchard wall’s!