Being thrown into the world of Autism and sensory processing issues has been interested for myself as a parent, it often feels like trying to learn a new language in order to communicate with your child. We’ve been attending our occupational therapy sessions every week and I’ve been slowly learning games and tricks to help my daughter come out of her shell. I felt that it was important to continue therapy at home once I’m confident in my own skills, so I went on a hunt to find a few little tools that we could use at home.

One great website I’ve found is SenseAbilitiesSenseAbilities is committed to the provision of equipment and resources designed to assist with the sensory motor development of children. They provide supplies for parents, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physiotherapists, Teachers and other health professionals – who are involved with children and adults that need help with their sensory motor development.

I will note that it’s best that you first spend some time with your therapist before you buy any toys for a child with additional needs. You need to know what works for your child first.

I ended up buying a few whistles and bubble blowers, because that’s what we’d been using at therapy and what my daughter responds to most. But there is such a range of sensory toys at SenseAbilities, it did get tempting to buy myself some fun toys!

Whether it’s language development, fine motor skills, thinking skills or visual motor skills, SenseAbilities has it covered. Any of the toys there would also be great for a playgroup or kindy class, they’re all fun and educational in their own way.

I’ve found SenseAbilities to be value for money and the shipping was super fast. All things you would want in an important resource like this :)

Have a browse through SenseAbilities and make sure to bookmark it if you’re looking for great toys to use with your kids!