iPad and iPhone App’s are a great way to make learning and reading that extra bit of fun. While I do love a good, traditional book – the features of a good iPad App will bring another dimension to learning about a subject matter or object. Listening skills will improve, and understanding concepts should be easier.

I was invited to check out a new app called A Jazzy Day, by The Melody Book, which is a musical education app for kids. Having been musical myself as a kid, I like to teach my 2 little ones about the different instruments but this app goes one further – it teaches them about Jazz and what each instrument contributes in sound and rhythm. I love it!

The main characters are 2 kittens and their dad, having a jazzy day out together. On their journey, they get to know instruments like the drums, bass, guitar, trumpets and piano.

Each page of the book is interactive and animated, which presents the opportunity to learn about the instruments in a fun way. The illustration of the app is beautiful and endearing – paired up with the music it’s a lovely and easy app for both kids and parents to sit down with.

There are 2 games within the app – Find The Instrument, and What Instrument Sounds Like this – which is a great way to extend any iPad/iPhone book. The app was designed by professional music educators, which means they have worked on building that social enjoyment aswell as learning experiences within the app itself.

My 4 year old is still sitting here with me listening to the big band swinging – (‘I like it!! My favourite is the fox on the drums’ is his review!). I think swing music is not huge here in Australia, so it’s great to expose our kids to different styles of music and use it as an education family experience.

We’ve really enjoyed A Jazzy Day app and recommend that you have a look at it if you love collecting the best iPad or iPhone books for your kids.

To find out more, check out the official website or look for it on iTunes for only US$4.99.