I have one MESSY toddler – meal times are also known as eat & clean times because the amount of food that goes on her clothes, her legs, the floor, me and the high chair requires a full steam clean.

When Eliza from Lil Droolers contacted me a couple of weeks ago, I jumped at the chance to try the IckyPal.

What is the IckyPal? It’s a waterproof high chair cover and baby bib that catches all those wayward pieces of food and keeps your baby nice and clean.

The IckyPal will fit any high chair and completely covers the table tray. The IckyPal is also extremely easy to clean and dry – just rinse it in a bucket and hang it out to dry. (Ours is always ready by the next meal).

I’ve spent a couple of weeks with our cute pink IckyPal, and let me tell you – it’s been a stress buster. I no longer have to plan a bath straight after each meal, my daughter is happier now that I’m not waving a cloth at her every 10 seconds and I’m doing less laundry and cleaning. Everyone is happier all around!

It’s not hard to put on and take off – there is a velcro strap for the back, around the waist and one for each arm. It sits very well on my 2 year old, but it’s adjustable to fit younger and older kids easily.

Another great part of it, is just how big it is. It’s not too big, not too small. It catches all the mess quite well which a regular bib (even one with a food catcher) won’t do. If she puts her hands in her mouth and then puts them in her lap, then her legs are safe from a food onslaught.

I refer you to photo exhibit A –

We’ve beat the weetbix! Imagine if we didn’t have the IckyPal on? I would still in the laundry cleaning.

IckyPal was designed for the younger kids but I’ve definately seen the need for it our household. I think anyone who has a messy eater, or has a child is sick or is having feeding difficulties, would suit the IckyPal for it’s ease of use for the whole family. If you’re going to wear a normal sized bib anyway, the IckyPal would be the better option because of how much it covers in one go.

The IckyPal is now AU$14.95 (announced on their Facebook page today!) and comes in Blue and Pink. ‘Like’ them on Facebook to receive great discounts and news.

I’d definately recommend that you have a read of their website for more info and add this one to your list of must-haves at meal times if you’ve got a messy eater too!

IckyPal at Lil Droolers