Last week, I was invited to chat about cold & cough prevention with the team from Bisolvon. It couldn’t of come at a better time – we are 3 weeks into cold & cough land in our house, and just when it seems it’s getting better it comes around again!

I won’t talk about using Bisolvon specifically on my blog (because I’m not your chemist or your doctor), but I am more than happy to highlight cold prevention especially when it comes to kids.

Did you know that common colds and flu are spread through droplets left on skin and other surfaces? You can’t catch a cold from just being in the cold itself, colds are viruses and children do not have the same immunity to the cold virus as we do.

It’s important to teach your children, as early as possible, the proper way to cough and sneeze without spreading their cold around. Start with this funny song featuring Christiaan Van Vuuren aka The Fully Sick Rapper -

A really catchy and simple way to teach kids to cough into their elbows, and not onto their hands or other peoples heads :)

It’s a great start and won’t alarm children or turn them into germaphobes. Bisolvon also have more tips for kids correct cough ettiquette on their website here but if everyone can get their child coughing and sneezing into their elbows and making sure they wash their hands properly, the better the cold & flu season would be for every family.

Now, if anyone has any ideas on teaching kids how to blow their nose properly, I’m all ears!!

You can find out about Bisolvon’s “I hate people coughing near my kids” campaign by visiting their website at or checking them out on Facebook.