Some of us may remember Flat Stanley from primary school libraries, or a little bit later with the Flat Stanley project in the mid 1990′s. What’s Stanley up to today? Well… he’s online and even has his own iPhone App. Wow!

Flat Stanley with actor Adam Sandler

If you’re not familiar with the story of Flat Stanley, there are plenty of books in the series for you to get stuck into. Suitable for primary school aged kids, Stanley Lambchop was flattened one day by accident and decides to make the best of the situation by going on adventures that help people. From stopping art thieves at the museum, to exploring space – Flat Stanley can even fit in an envelope to be mailed around the world to his friends.

In 1995, a Canadian primary school teacher created The Flat Stanley project, which was an extension of the book series and a creative way to bring a social experience to pen pal writing between school kids. And now in 2012, The Flat Stanley Project runs an amazing website that tracks Flat Stanley and other flat friends!) all over the world. Even in Australia –

You can sign up for a free account and connect with other school kids who are looking to swap and receive a Flat Stanley, and then organise the journey your Flat Stanley will go on! Your Flat Stanley can be tracked on the website or by the App and along the way you’ll get to know your new friends too :) You can do this via email or by traditional post – I think traditional post is a bit more fun!

I definately recommend this project for young kids to learn not only about books & characters, but how to connect and socialise with other kids in a fun, creative way. I love that there is an online and offline world for Flat Stanley and that he’s stood the test of time :)

To find out more about Flat Stanley and how to start your own Flat Stanley project, visit the official website

Image of Adam Sandler taken from Daily Independent