We’re working hard on fine motor skills & creativity in our household. There’s always running & jumping & wrestling, so it’s easy to forget to practice handwriting & drawing with our preschoolers. It doesn’t need to be a strict session of ‘sit down and write out our ABC’s’ – anything to do with holding a pencil, crayon or paint brush will help with proper fingering and using different colours & mediums will help them with imagination.

We all know that there are heaps of apps on the iPad that you can download, but nothing compares to the real thing! Using a pencil & sitting with your mummy & daddy. Here are a few fun creative activities to add to your bookshelf and toy box.

one. You Choose!: Colouring Book with Stickers Was $9.95 Now $8.96
You Choose is our favourite book, so having a colouring in version with stickers is high on our list!

two. 4M – Create Your Own Spin Art AU$12.99
This might get a little messy, but fun.

three. 3D drawing pad $8.95
A great gift for an older kid, draw on the 3D pad and then pop on the 3D glasses to see your drawing come to life!

four. Pink Spiral Art $17.50
The spirograph is back! Make a work of art with spirals.

five. That’s Not My… Colouring Book: Things That Go $8.96
The ever popular series ‘That’s Not My..’ has a selection of colouring books too – each double page has a black and white picture to colour in and a section to practice their handwriting too.

Spending half an hour each day on reading and writing with your kids is important. While I definately know how busy a day can get, you’ll never regret spending time with your kids & working on their life skills :)