How cute!

I love Skip Hop’s range already – so stumbling upon these new storage boxes today has been my cup of tea :) The Skip Hop – Zoo Storage Bin’s will fit into most cube shelves or would look great lined up next to each other in the nursery. The super cute Pop Up Hamper’s are perfect for messy rooms with clothes mountains.

Made from sturdy canvas, each storage bin folds flat and is BPA-free & Phthalate-free. They hold a surprising amount of things – so you’re able to quickly tidy up an entire room in one sweep! (The only thing I think is missing is a lid for the storage bin, so that you can close it and stack them ontop of each other). The Storage Bins come in the Ladybug, Owl and Monkey designs for $24.95 each.

The pop up hampers also fold down flat, are made from a soft lightweight fabric and are available in Monkey and Owl for $29.95 each.

I definately recommend that you buy a set of storage cubes at some point – it will make cleaning up and organising infinately easier on you and the kids!

Check out the Skip Hop Zoo Storage Bins at Bubba Love today.