Reading together with your kids is so important – from birth to whenever-they’re-not-too-cool-to-sit-with-you, introducing books to young minds will help develop skills that will help them during their school years and beyond.

With devices like the iPad, reading books has never been more accessible. Though I love a traditional, hard copy library and regularly visit our local library – books on iPad are so fun, and offer another dimension to story telling.

Super Harry’s Rotten Luck is an iPad book that I’ve recently downloaded for my kids. It’s a story about a young boy named Harry, and his week of bad luck. But instead of feeling sorry for himself, the following week he sets out to change his luck!

What I love about this iPad book, is the way the author, Nina Lim, has written the story to show children how you can change things for the better. For kids learning about action & consequence, and even children with communication issues – this is a powerful thing to instill in them even at a young age. Through story telling, Nina Lim is introducing issues and themes that need to be discussed with kids, at a kid’s level.

The book itself is illustrated and animated, which my son really loved to watch – the interaction between the book and the young reader is one of the best things about investing in iPad books for kids.

I recommend checking it out and downloading it your iPad! Super Harry’s Rotten Luck is available in the App Store for only $1.99.

Super Harry’s Rotten Luck – iPad book for kids