What’s in your bag, Mum?

When you’re out with kids, it pays to be prepared. I’m grateful to be way past the nappy stage with my 4 year old son because it means my handbag is not storing spare nappies, wipes and clothes. There’s always a hint of preschooler in my bag, together with my daily must-haves:

one. A5 spinout notebook $4.95 from Typo, and Spinout pen 3-pack $3.98
I’m not used to typing notes down on my iPhone, so having a journal & pen out is an essential for me when I’m out and about.

two. Jagger Black wayfarer sunglasses $24.95
Find a perfect pair of sunnies, and you’ll wear them year-round

three. Travel First Aid Kit – Little Medic $13.95 – you never know when you need a bandaid!

four. Rosa 2-Purse pack Black/Red $39.95
The pack comes with 2 purses in 2 sizes, the large is perfect for storing nappies, wipes and a change of clothes and the small purse is a perfect fit for lotions and loose items.

five. Lady Jayne Folding Travel Brush $6.00

six. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Limited Edition for $3.39

seven. Clean Bottle $15.95
Always always carry water – and try to finish the whole bottle while you’re out (then refill & repeat!)

eight. 4MyEarth snack pocket $7.15
Great alternative to using rolls of cling wrap

nine. Chevron Keychain wallet with Turquoise Zip US$12
A little coin purse to store extra change. No more fossicking through your handbag or over stuffing your beautiful purse with coins