Even though I’m not pregnant at the moment myself, I love to stumble upon great maternity wear to share with you :)

During pregnancy, comfort is EVERYTHING. Value for money comes a close second. We want clothes that we can wear from the moment we take a pregnancy test, right into labour and beyond. Clothes that accommodate a growing body (two, actually!), and are, of course, stylish!

The Organic Actions Maternity Dress at Shellter may look simple in the picture above, but the potential leaps off the screen. Whether you choose Grey, Storm or Black, you’ve got a great organic tshirt dress with an obi belt that can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood.

Going out? Wear your Organic Actions Maternity Dress with your obi belt up above your belly, add a fun bright necklace or earrings and some comfy shoes and you’re looking gorgeous. Keeping it casual? Pop up your favourite sandals, and tie your obi belt below your belly. You don’t even need to use the obi belt to look cool, and be comfortable – it’s all up to you. This dress is also great for after you have baby, it’s caught my eye!

The Organic Actions Dress is made from organic cotton and is currently $132 at Shellter. It comes in Grey, Storm and Black.

You can check out more great maternity wear at Shellter by visiting their website