It’s that time of year again! No, not Christmas (yet) – HALLOWEEN!

Having an American husband, we’ve really tried to make Halloween fun for the kids in the last few years and this year I’ve decided to get a little more DIY. Here is my first DIY project for Halloween – cute little lanterns to decorate our, staircase, windowsills and dining table.

All you need is a few plastic party cups, a sharpie or other black marker and LED tealights (which I picked up cheap from eBay). Everything came under $20 for halloween lantern fun!

You can turn these into string lanterns by drawing on the faces with the cups right-side-up, poking a small hole on each side and passing a string through it. Too easy!

It’s a fun simple way of bringing in some Halloween spirit without spending a fortune :)

I will say again, PLEASE DO NO USE REAL CANDLES in these plastic cups as it will melt the cups and can cause a fire. LED lights are safe to use, but don’t leave them unattended for hours and hours…