With a son who is just about to start kindergarten next year, I’ve been racking my brain (and getting tips off other mums) about what to pack every day in his lunch box. Of course, it has to be something nutritious and filling, but also something that he WANTS to eat. Oh dear..

Luckily for me, my son does share my love of sushi, so going back a few years before I had more time that kids, I remembered the art of bento. So what is bento anyway? It’s a single portion of food, contained within one box/lunchbox. It usually contains rice, vegetables and either fish or meat but for kids going to school, we can go back to basics and use sandwiches, fruit and other healthy snacks.

To get you started, Bento With love offers a good range of bento related products. Here are a few I recommend for a bento-newbie –

one. Rabbit and Bear Egg Mold $8.00
Really easy to use, if your kids love egg and are not allergic, this is a great treat for the lunchbox

two. Easylunchboxes $26.00
Having a compartmental lunchbox makes presentation alot neater and you can also seperate soggy foods from your sandwich

three. Wow Food Pick $6.00
Skewer your sandwiches and other treats with a cute food pick. Note, make sure you teach your kids about what these are before you send them along to school with them!!

four. Sandwich Cutter Pink $4.00
Cut off crust with ease, and make a cute shaped sandwich at the same time

five. ABC Cutter Set $9.50
Spell out your kid’s name in devon with these cool alphabet food cutting tools

six. Yum Yum Bento Box $22.00
Need inspiration? There are a few great Bento box books to keep around the kitchen.

Ready to get practicing? Read more about bentos at these great websites, and have fun!

Bento With Love