I don’t know why I’m so surprised – this is my third pregnancy and I was running out of options each morning when I peered into my closet. THANK GOODNESS for amazing maternity wear!

Not only is it nice to look ‘good’ (or at least half decent when you’re headed out into the general population!) during pregnancy, but whatever you wear has to be super comfortable and last you the day. It’s essential.

At 23 weeks pregnant, my absolute favourite at the moment is a stretchy tank dress – you pull it on, add a cute necklace and away you go. They’re not constrictive, they don’t dig into you or your bump and they’re perfect for the warmer weather. And in the cooler weather, add a pair of maternity leggings or tights with a jacket and a scarf!

I am incredibly lucky to own & wear every single piece of maternity wear pictured below, and it’s my pleasure to recommend them to you –


one. Black singlet dress Was $79.00 Now $63.00
A really nice dress to wear because you can dress it up or down. I like to keep it simple, but I could definately see how this could work in an office setting if you pair it up with some heels or wedges, a great necklace and a fitted jacket.

two. gathered knit dress Was $79.99 Now $32.99
I stumbled upon this one while doing some post-Christmas shopping, a bargain at $32.99! Fun to wear, you can’t ignore a pregnant woman in a pink dress :)

three. Celina Tank Maternity Dress $119.95
I’ve worn this red dress a few times – my most favourite being at Christmas time when I was 11 weeks along at the time. It’s grown along with me, and it my ‘go to’ dress if I need a bit of cheering up :)

four. 3/4 sleeve striped t-shirt Was $45.00 Now $41.00
Honorable mention for being SO COMFORTABLE and long enough to wear with leggings or shorts. I love stripes so this is right up my alley!

Bottom line is you can still wear a form fitting, comfortable dress and feel cute throughout your pregnancy. Don’t be afraid to try a stretchy tank dress, and show off your curves!

Now, what to wear tomorrow? I ALREADY KNOW! Hooray!