And I’m back! It’s been a great summer break – I really wanted to make sure I spent time with my kids especially since my son, Jasper, was heading off to school for the first time (eeek!)… Yesterday was the big day, and he walked right into that classroom without any hesitation. I couldn’t be prouder!


My daughter Jovie has started at her Autism specific day care for 2 days a week – just for a few hours each day so she can gain some independence and cure some boredom. Her teachers are fantastic, they are all trained therapists which helps alot in her case. (She has a genetic disorder called Rett Syndrome).

Husband starts a new job in a few weeks and I am again so proud! And me, I’m now 21 weeks pregnant and everything is going really well with bub.

There’ll be more maternity posts and newborn posts in the coming weeks – I have a tonne of great stuff bookmarked and ready to go.

I’m going to sort through the stack of emails that I haven’t replied to asap, but look forward to regular blog posts this 2013 :)