Oh the joys of pregnancy! Yes there are many many joys, but let’s face it – most of us will stretch and ache in places we’ve long forgotten.

My back, for example, has been gradually bearing the brunt of an ever growing, healthy bump. After I hit the 20 week mark, it was time to look up maternity support belts. I didn’t need one for my first two pregnancies, and did need to think whether I could just tough it out – but I saw it as an investment to my own health and wellbeing.


I ordered and have worn my Baby Belly Band most (if not all, some days) waking hours. It really has made a difference in the strain and pain in my back!

It’s a bit bulky to wear under my clothes at the moment, but you can definately wear a coat or loose top over it. It almost looks like a big black belt anyway, I think the people who’ve seen me wear it in public totally understand what is going on though LOL

What I love about the Baby Belly Band is that I can use this after the baby has arrived also. It’s not claiming to shrink my belly back to pre-pregnancy size, but speaking from post-pregnancy experience, it will give me back and hip support after labour.

Due Soon have the Baby Belly Band in stock for only AU$43.95, aswell as other great pregnancy support belts and vests. I absolutely recommend that whether it’s your first pregnancy or third (or fourth), that you invest in a pregnancy support belt. Your back will thank you!

Due Soon