Even though she’s not a typical 3 year old, I love to keep my daughter’s mind active with age appropriate books. I am a big believer in teaching our preschoolers in fun ways to keep them interested in learning aswell as being taught new things.

The Personalised Children’s Books by Stuck On You are amazing – they’re jumbo sized (A4) so they’re not too small for little hands and eyes, but they’re also customised with your child’s name throughout the book (not just on the cover!).


They have 3 versions of customised books for boys and girl – an ABC activity book, ABC learning book and a Numbers activity book. Each page has something for the preschooler to do – either colour in, trace or copy. Again I love the big illustrations and customised text throughout the book, it feels like this book is written just for the child and encourages them to keep going.

The personalised Jumbo books are 54 pages and will cost you $24.95 – great value.

Stuck On You also have a range of smaller (32 pages) personalised books for $19.95.

You can check out all the personalised Jumbo books by clicking here.