I am loving the swimming pool at the moment. At 29 weeks, I’ve been swimming at least twice a week to help with the swelling in my legs and to build up my stamina for the remaining third trimester. I did the same with both of my other pregnancies as an easy way to keep up the exercise without putting too much strain on my joints. I highly recommend it!

What I also highly recommend is buying a maternity swimsuit or two, that you can use throughout the entire pregnancy (and beyond). Look at buying something that will grow as your body changes, and that you feel comfortable in. Whether you go with a tankini (two piece swimsuit) or a one piece, if you buy a quality maternity swimsuit you will feel like a million bucks each time you slip into the water :)

Aqua Maternity is an online store that specialises in maternity swimwear. With free shipping within Australia, you are going to love shopping at Aqua Maternity!

Here are my favourite one piece maternity swimsuits from Aqua Maternity –


one. Pez D’Or: Polka Dots Swimsuit AU$115.00

two. Navy Polka Dot Swimsuit AU$69.95

three. Marine Lurex Stripe Swimsuit AU$120.00

Maternity swimsuits are designed to accommodate your growing belly. Don’t regret buying a regular swimsuit in a bigger size – it will only ride up or float around you embarrassingly mid-lap…

Head on over to Aqua Maternity or bookmark it for when you’re ready to hit the pool during your next pregnancy!

Aqua Maternity