I love a good photobook. Over the years it’s becoming easier and more affordable to create your own personalised photobook and now with CREATE by Kikki K, your photobooks can be cute and stylish too! Check out this featured project by Jen


Memories on paper – you’ll never regret taking a few afternoons to photograph your kids doing what they do any other day, or take them somewhere special for the day and make some new memories :)

This is another great featured project by Bronwyn -


Kids WILL say the craziest things, so I love the idea for a Kid Quote Book alongside some photographs.

Once you’ve gathered up your photographs on the computer (this might be the longest part of your project!), head over to the Kikki K website and download the free photobook software. Small photobooks start from $26.95, but you can also make notepads and memory photobooks from $49.95.

I can’t wait to get started!

CREATE with Kikki K