Hi, I’m Tracey!

Twenty Nine, Today. I live in Sydney Australia with my husband and our gorgeous children, Jasper (5) and Jovie (3), with another due in June 2013.

Since becoming a mum, I’ve looked for the latest fashion & products, tips & advice about pregnancy, labour and motherhood, cool new things found and age old classics that have stuck around – and I decided to put it all together in one place!

I blog because I love sharing information, and I hope that you like what I find and support the Aussie businesses behind the products & services, aswell as my sponsors.

I have enjoyed writing sponsored posts for some great companies like –
Johnsons Kids 1,2
Aveeno Baby
Stuck On You
Funky Cherubs
The Pouchmiss
Four Cow Farm

It’s always great to find useful products for our children and I love geniunely sharing my reviews on my blog.

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