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summer fun

Posted on January 15th, 2013 by Tracey

i must admit, i’m having alot of fun this summer. not that we’re doing anything different, Regan is at work so we’re not going away on holidays and it also doesn’t help that both of my hands are often in splints (pregnancy induced carpal tunnel), but actually making time for the kids has been my goal.

Jovie starts at her autism specific day care next week and Jasper will start school in early February. the year is already passing us by but i’m happy that i’m purposefully spending each day doing something the kids will remember and love.

31 Photos in 31 Days: December 2011: Day 17

Posted on December 17th, 2011 by Tracey

we love it when Daddy comes home after work <3

Thankful Thursday: Parents

Posted on November 17th, 2011 by Tracey

With risk of boring you to death with my reports on just how sick we are over here, we have been under the weather this week and it’s been terrible. 2 nights in a row, Jovie was waking every 2 hours which means I was up all night on my own trying to get her back to sleep. I calculated that I must of walked around our dining room table for at least 14 hours in those 48 hours (because walking in the pram was the only thing that stopped her from screaming). And I only managed about 3 hours sleep on top of that. (Don’t worry, I know this is what I signed up for ..).

Anyway, I ended up taking Jasper, Jo and myself to the doctor and yep, Jovie has a throat infection which is why she’s been so upset. Jasper will be fine. So with prescription in belly, Jo’s sleeping MUCH BETTER which means I don’t resemble a swamp monster anymore but I am still battling my own cold. So, in order to ‘get well soon’ I’ve relied on my mum and dad to help out a little bit more than usual, and as always they were there.

For Thankful Thursday today, I am so grateful for my parents. Without them, I wouldn’t of been able to sneak in a 3 hour nap yesterday that saved my sanity. There wouldn’t of been warm, comforting noodle soup and congee (the mother of all get well soon foods). And there wouldn’t of been someone to tell me to slow down.

Aren’t parents awesome?