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at 8 weeks

Posted on August 9th, 2013 by Tracey

miles at 8 weeks

Miles is now 8 weeks old and we’re finally settling into a good routine as a family of 5.

the adjustment has not been too bad – it’s mostly the sleep deprivation that has been the hardest on me (sometimes only 30 minutes a night) and i know that Jasper is also feeling the squeeze of having another kid steal the time and attention away from him.

having Miles has been a dream, no complaints. we’ve been co-sleeping with him and i adore the overnight snuggles. he’s starting to sleep longer at night (5-7 hours between feeds) which has been awesome and is coo-ing and making great eye contact with us. it’s adorable, all over again 🙂

my csection area is feeling pretty good also – no more weird dull pain or sensitive areas. yes there’s the dreaded csection flap but i’m only 8 weeks post partum and wasn’t a supermodel to begin with LOL. i’ve been back into kettlebell (strength training) and elliptical, and am trying my hardest to eat as clean as possible
(though i think my period is back already and the cramps & moodiness make it hard for me to resist chocolate…)

so in between the school drop offs and pick ups, catching up on sleep, housework, laundry, eating well, exercising, nappy changing, tandem feeding and homework, i’m slowly thinking about the rest of the year ahead and getting back to ‘normal’. i want to continue my newborn photography practice and have some great ideas – but will need to save up some $ and build it right the first time. i’m very aware of not overdoing it – Miles is already 8 weeks and i’m so so lucky to be home instead of going back to work at 6 weeks like i did with Jasper and Jovie.

time is flying! i’m going to enjoy it.

hello, hello

Posted on July 26th, 2013 by Tracey

Miles’ Birth Story

Posted on June 18th, 2013 by Tracey

Boy, it’s been a crazy week….

A month or so before the big due date, I was granted an induction date. I know, I know – induction is frowned upon. Wait until your body is ready. I know all this. But the stress of organising care for Jovie & Jasper, possibly at last minute (because I was still taking care of both kids right up until the end), knowing that I had a super quick birth the last time, knowing that Regan could possibly miss the birth altogether, having low fetal movements for months… there was just a whole bunch of things that worried me, and was alleviated by planning a date to go in to have the baby. (Please don’t leave a comment about how silly inductions are, I’m not asking for an opinion… thank you).

So back to the story. There’s going to be medical terms and lady parts discussed, so be warned. lol. It’s a long story …

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