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new years day

Posted on January 1st, 2012 by Tracey

Happy New Year! As most NYE’s, we watched the Sydney Harbour Fireworks from the comfort of our living room – the fireworks this year were just amazing even from our couch. It’s inspired me to organise a proper NYE alongside the harbour next time!

Regan and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, but because he’s working that day we took off to lunch & a movie today out at Fox Studios. It’s really rare for us to have a date, we’re so dedicated to spending time with the kids as a family or one of us is working etc. We’re not very fancy so having lunch, in a restaurant without a drivethrough window, is so nice 🙂

We ended up seeing Melancholia, a film that I’m probably going to spend the rest of the week Googling. Regan didn’t like it much but I thought it was interesting and depressing (in a good way). The cinematography, technique and tones of the movie were beautiful. Leave your scientist cap at home and you’ll enjoy it more. If you can see it on a big screen, I think it’s worth it for the opening & closing sequences.

I won’t lie – the ending made me speechless, the cinema was so quiet after it & we all just sat there together for a while. (Except for probably Regan who was looking for his cherry Pepsi, lol). The opening scenes remind me of the nightmares that I used to have – beautiful but achingly slow, like nothing could stop what would happen next and you just have to get through the next second somehow. (yes, i was a bit emo).

The weather is looking up in Sydney lately so I’m spending more time off the laptop and getting some exercise and sunshine, hope you’re having a great week wherever you are!

Thankful Thursday: Good Husbands

Posted on November 24th, 2011 by Tracey

I cannot tell you the value of a good husband. A good husband with a fantastic immune system.

These past 2 weeks would not have been as ‘easy’ if not for my husband Regan. He miraculously and successfully avoided the bout of colds we’ve all had in the past few weeks and on his days off work, he let me hibernate back in bed after being up all night with Jovie or with my own nagging cough, no questions asked. He brings me cake home at least once a week, which is way better than any bouquet of flowers. And in all the time i’ve been off work (2 months more than planned now), he’s never pressured me to ‘get back to work already’. I can’t tell you how much that has helped me not freak out about work, money, our future, our lives.

Today is fittingly Thanksgiving, but we’ll be celebrating on Sunday with my family with a traditional roast and pumpkin pies. Today I am thankful for marrying so well and making the best decision in my entire life.


After Life

Posted on September 20th, 2011 by Tracey

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During all the craziness of the Autism diagnosis for Jovie, my parents brought up something that I never deemed important in my ‘younger’ years.

Our Last Will and Testament.

Gosh, how grown up and .. well scary. But it goes hand in hand with all this decision making we’re doing lately, that I’ve got it on our list of things ‘to complete’ by the end of the year at the latest.

Regan and I have talked about a few of the bigger things – like who gets the kids and that is a huge thing to decide. Material things I don’t really care about and that’s really helped in my quest to live a more simple life. (Also known as ‘See Tracey put things back on the shelf and talk herself out of buying yet another thing she doesn’t need…’).

I’ve only really seen people reading from Will’s in movies or on tv – I wonder if I should put in something kooky like ‘Hayley (my sister) gets my bank account balance but only if she stays in a haunted house overnight’ … she would NEVER and that would make my ghostly self laugh and laugh…

But I’m really curious about sorting out a Will, I think it will make me feel a bit in control, you know?

Another issue we talked about is organ donation – it’s important to tell your close family what your wishes are because when the time comes, they will be asked to confirm your wishes.

I had always thought, when I was younger, that my parents didn’t believe in organ donation, that you had to be buried whole. Even my sister said that’s what she was told – but after having a discussion with them, they were all for organ donation. (I had already made my mind up to be a organ donor anyway).

So even if it’s a bit weird or strange, pipe up and say how you feel to your loved ones, as it can make a huge difference in another person’s life. One donor can save the lives of up to 10 people & improve the lives of dozens more. Transplant lists can vary anywhere from 6 months to 4 years – and that can be too late for many people. There’s a great website at if you want to learn more about organ donation in Australia.

For the record, I am putting it out there to you internet world, take my eyes, take my lungs and you can even take my butt – it’s had a great run and there’s ample of it to share.