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Gluten Free Cookies

vanilla yo yoI recently put in an order at Gluten Free Favourites so I could finally get some more quinoa (couldn't find it as usual at Coles), so I thought it would be a good opportunity to taste some of the gluten free cookies I haven't tried yet.

The Vanilla Yo-yo by Gluten Free Gourmet is $2 at the store, and worth every cent!

The cookie is vanillary (is that a word?) without being too creamy, and buttery without being overpowering. It actually TASTES like a cookie should, instead of tasting like cardboard.

The best part? If you twist it into 2 parts, there's more to enjoy. Yum yum! Perfect with a cup of tea and nothing else (you'll be too busy enjoying the cookie itself, lol).

Gluten Free Gourmet's Vanilla Yo Yo is available around Victoria, and of course, Gluten Free Favourites.

byron bay cookie co My second cookie in my order was the amazing Triple chocolate fudge cookie by the Byron Bay Cookie Company.

Now I know that the Vanilla Yo-yo was hard to beat - but the triple chocolate gave it a run for it's money! Again, at only $2 it's a bargain for a special treat.

As soon as I opened the packet I could smell the rich chocolately goodness and it didn't disappoint :D There were chunks of dark and white chocolate dotted in the big cookie that made my husband and I praise the chocolate heavens above. Finally, a decent gluten free chocolate cookie that everyone can enjoy!!

My Triple chocolate fudge cookie was bought from Gluten Free Favourites.

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