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Bissap Hibiscus Drinks

bissap vanilleA great alternative to herbal tea and water (the only things I seem to drink these days), is Bissap's Hibiscus Drink.

Taken from the website -
People in Egypt, Africa and also Jamaica use Bissap as a diuretic, beneficial to those with water retention problems. In the US the calyces (the outer part of the flower) of Hibiscus Sabdariffa are available in health food stores for making a tea high in Vitamin C.

Hibiscus has also been used in certain folk remedies for liver disorder. It is believed by many cultures to relieve the effects of hangovers, it is a digestive and an emollient (something which softens and soothes the skin).

It's reallly sweet, so I add alot of ice so it's both icy cold and mixed with a little water as the ice melts. Perfect!

Wikipedia Reference

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