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Cottee's Gluten Free Products

All Cadbury Schweppes products (including the following brands: Cottee’s, Cadbury® Schweppes® Pascall®, Europe®, Red Tulip®) clearly identify the presence of all cereal products on the ingredients list on the product labels.

Cereals without Gluten
If cereal products do not contain any source of gluten then the source of the cereal (e.g. maize) is not listed.

Cadbury Schweppes may identify products which do contain a presence of cereal ingredients in the following ways:

Contains Gluten
This statement is present where the product contains wheat starch, wheat flour or wheat dextrin as the principal gluten source although other grains, such as oats or barley, may be present.
Levels of gluten and gluten containing materials may vary significantly.
This is true for all products manufactured by Cadbury Schweppes in Australia or New Zealand.

Cereals with Trace Gluten below 10 ppm (parts per million)
This statement is present where the product contains less than 10 mg/kg (10 ppm) of gluten - (source is wheat glucose syrup or caramel colours where the level of gluten is below detectable levels).

Cottee's Lemon Barley Crush Cordial
Cottee's Thick & RichTM Choc Malt Flavoured Topping
Cottee's Apricot Conserve
Cottee's Boysenberry Conserve
Cottee's Blackberry Conserve
Cottee's Blackcurrant Conserve
Cottee's Breakfast Marmalade
Cottee's Fruits of the Forest Conserve
Cottee's Ginger Marmalade
Cottee's Ginger Lime Marmalade
Cottee's Mandarin Orange Marmalade
Cottee's Plum Conserve
Cottee's Raspberry Conserve
Cottee's Strawberry Conserve
Cottee's Sweet Orange Marmalade
Cottee's Diet Breakfast Marmalade
Cottee's Thick & RichTM Caramel Flavoured Topping
Cottee's Caramel Flavoured Light Topping
Cottee's Maple Flavoured Syrup

Here is a complete list of allergens in their products

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