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Mrs May's Pumpkin Crunch (wheat free)

mrs mays pumpkin crunchI was on the hunt for a quick snack that was wheat free and delicious (and new to me!)

DVC in Castle Towers had a whole rack of Mrs Mays products and I dived right in!

The Pumpkin Crunch is tasty and a great nibbley snack - and is Wheat Free, Dairy Free with NO preservatives or additives (which is even better).

I'll need to go back and grab a few more bags for my handbag!

Mrs May's is an American company

I found my Mrs May's at -

DVC Discount Vitamin Centre
Level 4 (Opp. Uncle Pete's Toys)
Castle Towers
Castle St, Castle Hill NSW 2154

Posted by Tracey

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Those pumpkin crunch bars sure do look hearty! Wow - that is a lot of seeds to chew on. I have not seen them here in the USA, but I will keep my eyes open just in case they ever get imported. I like pepitas (toasted pumpkin seeds), so sounds good to me.

Posted by: Gluten Free Recipes - Mike at December 20, 2006 02:46 AM

Hi Tracey,
It looks like you and I are on the same page. I run a site in the US where I review Gluten Free foods and restaurants sort of like what you do. If you don't mind, I will throw a link on my site pointing to you and maybe you can link to me...The more we know the better, right?

Posted by: Jay at December 22, 2006 06:00 AM

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