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The wagamama website kindly lists the items on the menu you can eat when you visit them next!

gluten free
miso soup

menu modifications
raw salad no salad dressing
wok tossed greens no soy
negima yaki tori no yakitori sauce
gyozas no gyoza sauce
yasai gyozas no gyoza sauce
ebi gyozas no gyoza sauce

yasai cha han no soy sauce / no oyster sauce
chicken cha han no soy sauce / no oyster sauce
moyashi soba no soy sauce / no rice
tuna avocado salad no wasabi vinegar

wheat, soy sauce, katsus, bbq sauce and all marinades
all noodles (except rice noodles)
yaki soba seasoning sauces
all chicken, meat and seafood

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It is good to see restaurants catering to allergy sufferers!

Posted by: Wheat Free at February 7, 2007 05:50 PM

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