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gluten free Indian food

tasty bite

Even though I have a mum that makes the most incredible Indian curries at the drop of a hat, my pregnant appetite is no match. Luckily, at the Gluten Free Expo 2008 in Sydney, I came upon Tasty Bite.

Tasty Bite Ready to Eat side dishes and meal solutions are perfect for a quick meal at home, a hot lunch at the office or out camping!

All Natural - No Additives or Preservatives
Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free options

Their gluten free Indian food range includes -
Bombay Potatoes
Jaipur Vegetables
Jodhpur Yellow Dal
Butter Chicken & Basmati Rice
Chicken Korma & Basmati Rice

While I love fresh cooked meals, I always keep a box of Tasty Bite in my pantry these days! You never know when you want a fast, gluten free Indian meal :)

Posted by Tracey

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