A Day In The Life : New Years Eve / New Years Day

A Day In The Life : New Years Eve / New Years Day

That’s right! A Day In The Life will run this Thursday December 31 2009 – Friday January 1 2010


It’s up to you to decide which day (or both) you want to take your hourly photos — but you need to at least take 6 photos so you can tell us how your New Years has gone :) (A maximum of 24 photos, obviously!)

To see how the game has been played before – check out my entry from February 29 2008′s A Day In The Life game by clicking here, or browse through some awesome past entries –


Once you’ve taken your photographs, upload them to the net (I love flickr!) and then come back after January 1st 2010 to share the link.

A Day In The Life is about improving your photography skills through story telling – hopefully making you see your surrounds a bit differently and then sharing your photographs with others.

Tell your friends about A Day In The Life : New Years and see you back here next year!

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