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my Yashica-35 ME or Baby as she is known, came into my life 18 months ago. I wanted a little film camera to pop into my bag, and she turned up on ebay for about 8 euros. I hadn’t touched film cameras for years but I took her on holiday to Biarritz a couple of weeks later and that was it. Utterly and completely hooked on film, and I’ve never looked back. Since then I’ve got myself around 10 more film cameras, mostly SLRs, but also a couple of rangefinders and some lomos and toy cameras all of which I love for one reason or another. But Baby is the one I love the most, she never lets me down, and I am so grateful to her for getting me back into shooting film.

Here are a couple of Suzie’s favourite photos from her Yashica-35 ME, Baby –

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