A Day In The Life: New Years Eve / New Years Day

A Day In The Life: New Years Eve / New Years Day

Our next photographic project is A Day In The Life and it will run over New Years Eve and New Years Day again (just like last year).

A Day In The Life is about improving your photography skills through story telling throughout a 24 hour period – hopefully making you see your surrounds a bit differently.

A Day In The Life will run Friday 31st December 2010 to Saturday 1st January 2011

It’s up to you to decide which day (or both) you want to take your hourly photos — but you need to at least take 6 photos so you can tell us how your New Years has gone :) (A maximum of 24 photos!)

Click here to check out the entries from last New Years project including entries from Gab, Virginia, Windsor and Sarah.

Once you’ve taken your photographs, upload them to the net (I love flickr!) and then come back after January 1st 2011 to share the link.

Tell your friends about A Day In The Life : New Years for 2010/2011 and see you back here next year!

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