31 Photos in 31 Days – August 2011 – Day 1

It all starts TODAY! 31 Photos in 31 Days has begun for August 2011, so don’t forget to take 1 photo today, post it up on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, blog or anywhere else you share your photos, and then post your link by clicking the ‘Click here to enter’ link below.

I’ll be sharing my own photos each day as we go, but you can choose to come back 1st September and share the link to your complete 31 Photos in 31 Days album if you prefer :)

Remember, there is no theme – just 1 photo a day for the whole month of August. Use it as an opportunity to test out a new camera, share what’s happening in your life, shoot a self portrait a day or whatever you like! It’s not too late to tell friends to start this today, so spread the word.

Good luck and happy shooting!

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