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Thursday 18 March 2004
before i forget ... q&a!

introduce yourself to the world
20 questions, and your 20 photographic answers

of course, this has been done before - but what the hey, i love projects! the difference is with this one, is that there is no deadline. it's open ended so you can start whenever you want and finish whenever you want. if you happen upon the project a few months down the line, you can still play and take your time with the photos.

a big thank you to everyone for their lovely comments and emails over the past few days :)


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Yay! A new layout and project! let's see if I ACTUALLY do this one!

Posted by susan @ 18 march 2004 12:40 PM AEST

Aaah!! I wanna do it now!! :( lmao

Posted by Brandy @ 18 march 2004 05:17 PM AEST

Hey Tracey, great new layout you've got here, and (reading back a few entries) I'm glad that you've figured out what was making you sick...nothing worse than not knowing what's happening! :)

Posted by Petrice @ 18 march 2004 09:45 PM AEST

I've always wanted to do a photo project but it never eventuated so this looks like a good one to try.

Posted by Mel @ 18 march 2004 11:21 PM AEST

just looking around, great site you got here. i love your photography :)

Posted by tiki @ 19 march 2004 12:11 PM AEST

Busy dads like me appreciate the "no deadline" aspect of this project. Thank you!

Posted by Dave @ 20 march 2004 04:05 PM AEST

This is an awesome idea!

Posted by Ren @ 20 march 2004 04:09 PM AEST

This is a late congratulations for winning "Best Photography Of a Weblog". What an honour! It couldn't have gone to a more deserving person. You have a gift. Congrats!! xoxo

Posted by Bianca @ 20 march 2004 11:55 PM AEST

Another late congrats for the "Best Photography of a Weblog." I know for sure your photos have inspired me...the first one I ever saw was "Used to Be," and I was blown away by it.

Keep up the awesome work!

Posted by Janine @ 23 march 2004 09:02 AM AEST

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