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Gluten Free Gourmet Expo 2006
i got hungry

Full review soon!

I had a great morning at the Expo today, and as you can see I picked up a few things. My favourites - Thomas Chipman, Gourmet Treats from Heaven and Gluten Free Gourmet - were there, so it was fantastic to put a face to the food I've enjoyed so far. Some new ones thrown in there for good measure. Really great to see so many people enjoying food :)

Posted by Tracey

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Hi Tracy - I couldn't find an email on your site but I wanted to tell you about a project I'm running this month to list links to Sydney foodblogger posts about SMH good food month. It would be great to get an allergy friendly take on some of the events if you attend them. Have a look at my post at
if you'd like to participate :)

Posted by: Reb at October 3, 2006 05:21 PM

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