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Masterfoods Gluten Free Products

Masterfoods have a list of gluten free products on their website.

Products include -

Dips - Salsas
Extra Mild Chunky
Medium Chunky
Medium Salsa
Mild Chunky
Mild Salsa

Finishing Sauces
Cracked Pepper Finishing Sauce
Roasted Garlic and Herbs Finishing Sauce
Wholegrain Mustard with Honey Finishing Sauce

Relishes - Squeeze
Squeezy BBQ
Squeezy Hot Dog
Squeezy Tomato

Sauces - Squeeze
Squeezy Chilli with Honey
Squeezy Hot Chilli
Squeezy Seafood
Squeezy Tartare
Squeezy Tomato Sauce
Squeezy Tomato Sauce Reduced Salt

Fantastic! :)

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