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Gluten Free Gourmet lemon lime cupcake

My husband was more than happy to test run this cupcake out - lemon and lime, I think it is (he gobbled it up so quickly I didn't get a chance to note it down).

Happy Holidays everyone!

May your Christmas be gluten free :) I'll be reporting back with how my gluten free holiday dinner went in a few days.

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Mrs May's Pumpkin Crunch (wheat free)

mrs mays pumpkin crunchI was on the hunt for a quick snack that was wheat free and delicious (and new to me!)

DVC in Castle Towers had a whole rack of Mrs Mays products and I dived right in!

The Pumpkin Crunch is tasty and a great nibbley snack - and is Wheat Free, Dairy Free with NO preservatives or additives (which is even better).

I'll need to go back and grab a few more bags for my handbag!

Mrs May's is an American company

I found my Mrs May's at -

DVC Discount Vitamin Centre
Level 4 (Opp. Uncle Pete's Toys)
Castle Towers
Castle St, Castle Hill NSW 2154

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Go Natural - gluten free snacks

I recently tried the Apricot & Coconut gluten free Go Bar, and it was excellent! Perfect for a gluten free snack on the go, I stuck it in my handbag and whipped it out when I got peckish.

I picked up my Go Natural products from Coles, health food aisle.

Full list of gluten free products here

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mellow yellow carob buttons

Because I can't have chocolate, carob is my source of sweetness when it comes to snacks.

Mellow Yellow have a wide range of healthy snacks (I love the Paw Paw) and ontop of that - the BEST carob I've ever had.

When it went out of stock for a few weeks, I went on a hunt for a replacement carob but nothing succeeded it and I went without. That's until I checked my Coles one night and there it was, fully stocked!

I bought 4 packets, and tend to stock up on more for our pantry.

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country life bakery

Country Life Bakery have been a great find!

I wasn't going to order bread online, so when I found it in my local Coles (and again in my local Harris Farm Market), and it was on special, I had to try it.

I found that the Rye & Soy loaf was tasty and really surprising (I had read stories about how horrible Rye is). I do have to limit myself to 2 slices every 2 days though, I think I can't have Soy Flour.

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