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Gluten free trifle
gluten free trifle

Christmas trifle using gluten free products including
Orgran Vanilla Cake Mix
Orgran Custard

Have you adapted any well loved desserts into gluten free desserts?

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Byron Bay Cookie Co - Gluten Free Cookies!
byron bay cookie co

The wonderful Byron Bay Cookie Company make a range of delicious gluten free cookies - both in single cookie serves and packets of cookies.

I have a hard time choosing my favourite out of them all, but I love the Triple Choc that I've posted about before. Sticky Date and Ginger is a close second!
Gluten Free cookie details here

You can get the gluten free Byron Bay Cookie Co cookies at David Jones, About Life and some cafes & health food stores around Australia.

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Select Foods Gluten Free Muffins

select foods muffins

I am sorry for not updating as regularly as before! Seems as though I've eaten all the gluten free food in Sydney, everything is naturally in my kitchen, belly or in this blog.


I finally got around to baking the Select Foods Gluten Free White Chocolate Muffins, from the mix I bought from the Expo a month or so ago.

Surprisingly, it didn't taste too much different to any other great tasting wheat-filled muffin. Mum didn't know the difference!

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Nando's Gluten Free menu items

As listed on their website, here are the items that are gluten free at Nando's.

Flame grilled chicken
1/4 Chicken breast with skin
1/4 Chicken breast without skin
1/4 Chicken leg with skin
1/4 Chicken leg without skin
Grilled Tenderloins 4 pieces

Sides & Salads
Regular Spicy Rice
Corn on the Cob (contains dairy)
Fresh Garden Salad with dressing
Fresh Garden Salad without dressing
Chicken Garden Salad with dressing
Chicken Garden Salad without dressing
Chicken Mediterranean Salad with dressing (contains dairy)
Chicken Mediterranean Salad without dressing (contains dairy)

Locations across Australia
As always, please check with the staff if you're unsure!

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Sumo Salad

sumo salad

Sumo Salad have always been helpful to me when it comes to eating gluten free. They've been patient when I ask them about the food content and whether anything is totally wheat free.

You can even ask them to make a custom salad for you! I've yet to do that but I'm faithful to their chicken salad!
133 Liverpool Street, Sydney
Flight Centre House, Shop 3, 815 George Street Haymarket
Shop P41 (Pitt Street Mall)
MLC Foodcourt
Click here for more locations

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Gluten Free Gourmet lemon lime cupcake

My husband was more than happy to test run this cupcake out - lemon and lime, I think it is (he gobbled it up so quickly I didn't get a chance to note it down).

Happy Holidays everyone!

May your Christmas be gluten free :) I'll be reporting back with how my gluten free holiday dinner went in a few days.

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Mrs May's Pumpkin Crunch (wheat free)

mrs mays pumpkin crunchI was on the hunt for a quick snack that was wheat free and delicious (and new to me!)

DVC in Castle Towers had a whole rack of Mrs Mays products and I dived right in!

The Pumpkin Crunch is tasty and a great nibbley snack - and is Wheat Free, Dairy Free with NO preservatives or additives (which is even better).

I'll need to go back and grab a few more bags for my handbag!

Mrs May's is an American company

I found my Mrs May's at -

DVC Discount Vitamin Centre
Level 4 (Opp. Uncle Pete's Toys)
Castle Towers
Castle St, Castle Hill NSW 2154

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Go Natural - gluten free snacks

I recently tried the Apricot & Coconut gluten free Go Bar, and it was excellent! Perfect for a gluten free snack on the go, I stuck it in my handbag and whipped it out when I got peckish.

I picked up my Go Natural products from Coles, health food aisle.

Full list of gluten free products here

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More gluten free dinners

dinner tonight's dinner

1st photo - gluten free pasta, turkey mince with pasta sauce and a heart shaped piece of gluten free garlic bread

2nd photo - oven roasted organic chicken, marinated in lemon & herb spices, with oven baked french fries (gluten free) with a side of salad.

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Eskal - Gluten Free Wafer Fingers


Really really good. ;)

I managed to finish off the whole packet in 24 hours, not unusual for me when it comes to great tasting biscuits.

I love that they come as finger sized wafers - perfect for icecream sundaes and a quick snack.

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country life bakery

Country Life Bakery have been a great find!

I wasn't going to order bread online, so when I found it in my local Coles (and again in my local Harris Farm Market), and it was on special, I had to try it.

I found that the Rye & Soy loaf was tasty and really surprising (I had read stories about how horrible Rye is). I do have to limit myself to 2 slices every 2 days though, I think I can't have Soy Flour.

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