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Gluten Free Chocolate Tart

choc tart

Gluten free Pastry base - Rich Chocolate Shortcrust by The Pastry Pantry

Made by following the recipe on the back of the pack! View the recipe here.

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Gluten Free Apple Pie

 apple pie

Recipe coming soon!

Gluten Free Sweet Shortcrust Pastry from The Pastry Pantry

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Gluten Free Apple Tea Cake

Recipe coming soon!

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Melinda's Gluten Free Goodies White Choc Custard Biscuits

Melinda's Gluten Free Goodies White Choc Custard Biscuits

These are a family favourite of ours - quick and easy to make, they are just as tasty as they look on the box!

Thank you to Melinda's for bringing out such wonderful gluten free premixes :)

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gluten free pineapple tarts

A childhood favourite of mine is pineapple tarts - we bought these every Chinese New Year and I would swiftly scoff these down!

To make the gluten free version of pineapple tarts, I used Rowie's Shortcrust Pastry Mix for the base and then made my own pineapple jam to place on top. Delicious!

pineapple tarts

Pineapple Jam
- 1 tin of crushed pineapples (about 250grams)
- 6-8 tablespoons of sugar

Add the pineapples and sugar in a pot and heat on the stove. Stir regularly to avoid burning. Remove from stove once it starts to smell and look like jam.

Add jam to the pastry bases you've cut up, and bake in the oven for about 15 minutes or until the pastry starts to brown.

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The Protein Bakery - Gluten Free Moccachino Protein Cookie

An AMAZING new gluten free cookie was spotted at our local health food store, so I just had to try it!

The Protein Bakery - Gluten Free Moccachino Protein Cookie!

After 1 ½ years in development we have launched a new product called “The Protein Cookie”. A moreish, yummy, soft baked, healthy snack serving as a great alternative to all the health/protein bars & shakes. Perfect for “people sick & tired of the bar scene!” Also a great indulgent snack, minus the guilt!

These cookies are great for energy, strength, speed, endurance, body building, recovery, dieting, Coeliac, general health, injury and achieving the best quality of life.

I found that the moccachino gluten free cookie was thick and filling and very satisfying :)

These delicious cookies are :

Free of gluten & wheat. And they taste superb

I agree! My mouth is watering just thinking of them .. gotta go hunt my next one down ..
Australian and New Zealand stockists listed here aswell as online stores

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Gluten Free muffins by Roberto's Cakes

Roberto's Cakes are always a gluten free favourite of mine. So it was a treat when I found their gluten free orange muffin, and gluten free coconut and fruit (i think) muffin at David Jones Food Hall!
Roberto's Cakes & Fine Foods
76 Victoria Rd Rozelle NSW 2039

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Gluten Free cake by Manna from Heaven

I think this is their Gluten Free Plum cake? Whatever it was, it was DELICIOUS!

David Jones Food Hall, Market Street Sydney

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David Jones Food Hall - Gluten Free cakes

David Jones Food Hall (City store) has a wonderful selection of gluten free cakes, muffins and cookies. It's surprising, but wonderful, to see such a big name in Australian retail taking a positive role in bringing gluten free food to Sydney!

When you visit the Food Hall, stop by the Patisserie counter. The section closest to the Cookie Man counter has a few shelves of gluten free cakes and gluten free muffins by some amazing gluten free bakers. This includes Manna From Heaven, Robertos and Rowie's - all gluten free and great tasting!

From memory, there were flourless chocolate cakes, gluten free orange muffins, gluten free plum cakes, gluten free fruit and coconut muffins.
65-77 Market Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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gluten free chocolate cake

I love it when I find bargains.... This cake was made from the Woolworth's Freefrom range of cake mixes - which was on special last weekend. A whole cake for $1.17!

I did add in a large tablespoon of nutella to make it extra gooey - and it did the trick ;) Very moist and chocolately

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Basco Gluten Free Butter Cake Mix

Basco Gluten Free Butter Cake mix turned into cupcakes again!

This time, I added a little spoonful of strawberry jam in the middle, cream on top and more jam to finish it off.

Definately a treat :D

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Basco Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix

Basco Chocolate Cake mix turned into cupcakes!

I tend to make cupcakes instead, so that it's easier to eat ;)

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Coles supermarkets

I had to make a new post to tell you how impressed I am with Coles supermarkets lately!

Now that Freedom Foods and Uncle Rick's have come out with their frozen range of gluten free food, each Coles supermarket I've visited has been fully stocked with the full gluten free range. Very impressive!

Here are a few of my treats this week - the gluten free lamington by Uncle Rick's, gluten free whipped cream by Tatua, Freedom Foods drinking chocolate, Uncle Rick's gluten free meat pie and Freedom Foods' salmon cakes.

gluten free lamingtongluten free salmon cakesgluten free meat pie

.. and there's still more to taste!

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Gluten free trifle
gluten free trifle

Christmas trifle using gluten free products including
Orgran Vanilla Cake Mix
Orgran Custard

Have you adapted any well loved desserts into gluten free desserts?

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Byron Bay Cookie Co - Gluten Free Cookies!
byron bay cookie co

The wonderful Byron Bay Cookie Company make a range of delicious gluten free cookies - both in single cookie serves and packets of cookies.

I have a hard time choosing my favourite out of them all, but I love the Triple Choc that I've posted about before. Sticky Date and Ginger is a close second!
Gluten Free cookie details here

You can get the gluten free Byron Bay Cookie Co cookies at David Jones, About Life and some cafes & health food stores around Australia.

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Select Foods Gluten Free Muffins

select foods muffins

I am sorry for not updating as regularly as before! Seems as though I've eaten all the gluten free food in Sydney, everything is naturally in my kitchen, belly or in this blog.


I finally got around to baking the Select Foods Gluten Free White Chocolate Muffins, from the mix I bought from the Expo a month or so ago.

Surprisingly, it didn't taste too much different to any other great tasting wheat-filled muffin. Mum didn't know the difference!

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Gluten Free Gourmet lemon lime cupcake

My husband was more than happy to test run this cupcake out - lemon and lime, I think it is (he gobbled it up so quickly I didn't get a chance to note it down).

Happy Holidays everyone!

May your Christmas be gluten free :) I'll be reporting back with how my gluten free holiday dinner went in a few days.

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Mrs May's Pumpkin Crunch (wheat free)

mrs mays pumpkin crunchI was on the hunt for a quick snack that was wheat free and delicious (and new to me!)

DVC in Castle Towers had a whole rack of Mrs Mays products and I dived right in!

The Pumpkin Crunch is tasty and a great nibbley snack - and is Wheat Free, Dairy Free with NO preservatives or additives (which is even better).

I'll need to go back and grab a few more bags for my handbag!

Mrs May's is an American company

I found my Mrs May's at -

DVC Discount Vitamin Centre
Level 4 (Opp. Uncle Pete's Toys)
Castle Towers
Castle St, Castle Hill NSW 2154

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Go Natural - gluten free snacks

I recently tried the Apricot & Coconut gluten free Go Bar, and it was excellent! Perfect for a gluten free snack on the go, I stuck it in my handbag and whipped it out when I got peckish.

I picked up my Go Natural products from Coles, health food aisle.

Full list of gluten free products here

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Eskal - Gluten Free Wafer Fingers


Really really good. ;)

I managed to finish off the whole packet in 24 hours, not unusual for me when it comes to great tasting biscuits.

I love that they come as finger sized wafers - perfect for icecream sundaes and a quick snack.

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Apricot & Almond Bar
yourhealth apricot & almond bar

While out hunting for a quick, wheat free snack - I stumbled upon this yummy Apricot & Almond Bar in the health food section of the pharmacy. Great tasting and enough for afternoon tea, or a bite between breakfast and lunch.

Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free.

Apricot & Almond Bar by Your Health, $1.95 from Ozepharmacy, Hills Homemaker Centre.

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Kinnerton Gluten Free Dark Chocolate

kinnerton dark chocMum and I popped into SugarFix to buy some Dr Pepper and I spotted this on their counter!

Kinnerton's 'Careful Chocolate Company' DAIRY FREE, NUT FREE, GLUTEN FREE & EGG FREE Chocolate Bar is a first for allergy sufferers who until now have not been able to enjoy chocolate safely.

Very good dark chocolate, maybe as good as Green & Blacks even!

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Gluten Free Double Choc Biscuits

woolworths gluten free

Another great product from Woolworths' 'Free From' range - Gluten Free Double Choc Biscuits.

Again, really tasty like the Gluten Free Choc Coated Biscuits and my husband couldn't get enough of them either and they were gone within 24 hours. If they keep this up, Woolworths will see me every week from now on!

Woolworths Freecall - 1800 103 515 for more info.

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Bissap Hibiscus Drinks

bissap vanilleA great alternative to herbal tea and water (the only things I seem to drink these days), is Bissap's Hibiscus Drink.

Taken from the website -
People in Egypt, Africa and also Jamaica use Bissap as a diuretic, beneficial to those with water retention problems. In the US the calyces (the outer part of the flower) of Hibiscus Sabdariffa are available in health food stores for making a tea high in Vitamin C.

Hibiscus has also been used in certain folk remedies for liver disorder. It is believed by many cultures to relieve the effects of hangovers, it is a digestive and an emollient (something which softens and soothes the skin).

It's reallly sweet, so I add alot of ice so it's both icy cold and mixed with a little water as the ice melts. Perfect!

Wikipedia Reference

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Rowie's Cakes

rowie's at pyrmontI'd been hanging out to try a few more of Rowie's Cakes - and the chance came up when I realised the Grower's Market in Pyrmont was coming up. (Check out Grab Your Fork for great reviews on the entire market).

The stall was one of maybe 2 that offered gluten free, wheat free, yeast free specialities - the other being various jams, chutneys and spreads which I'll get to later on.

While I was there early (around 8am), I had missed out on 1 of the 4 types of cakes there - but I did snag 1 of each of the rest.

rowie's at pyrmont

Raspberry Layer Cake, Wicked Chocolate Paneggforte, Creamy Soy Coconut Chocolate ganache were the 3 I took back with me for morning tea. I missed out on the Potato Flour Feather Cakes, which is a good excuse to go back next time for more!

rowie's at pyrmontThe Good Living Growers’ Market
Location Pyrmont Bay Park opposite Star City Casino
Date First Saturday of Every Month
Time 7am - 11am
More Info - Sydney Morning Herald Events

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Raspberry parfait

As seen on Queer Eye (episode 124), Ted teaches Mark how to make Raspberry parfait for his gluten-intolerant wife Cindy.

How cool to see more tv cooks get into gluten free recipes :D It's just a shame that I can't eat the cream. Let me know if you try this one yourself!

Raspberry parfait

1 cup fresh or frozen, unsweetened, unthawed raspberries
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
1 cup heavy or whipping cream

Zest of one lemon (just the yellow part of the rind, grated)

Combine the raspberries, 1/4 cup of sugar and the water in a heavy saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring constantly until boiling. Boil until the mixture is reduced by half, stirring occasionally, about 8 minutes. Transfer to a bowl and put in the refrigerator to cool.

Beat cream and remaining 1/4 cup of sugar in a bowl with a mixer on the highest speed until it holds stiff peaks.

Assemble the layers of cream and raspberries in a tall parfait glass, separating each layer with a thin layer of zest.

Garnish with more raspberries if desired.

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Flourless Carrot Cake
flourless carrot cake

I wanted to make a carrot cake this weekend, so when I found this Flourless Carrot Cake recipe, I got to it.

Relatively easy to make, coming out of the oven it smelt devine :D Frosted with cream cheese (and icing sugar etc.) my flourless cake was done within the hour. Yum yum.

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Gluten Free Cookies

vanilla yo yoI recently put in an order at Gluten Free Favourites so I could finally get some more quinoa (couldn't find it as usual at Coles), so I thought it would be a good opportunity to taste some of the gluten free cookies I haven't tried yet.

The Vanilla Yo-yo by Gluten Free Gourmet is $2 at the store, and worth every cent!

The cookie is vanillary (is that a word?) without being too creamy, and buttery without being overpowering. It actually TASTES like a cookie should, instead of tasting like cardboard.

The best part? If you twist it into 2 parts, there's more to enjoy. Yum yum! Perfect with a cup of tea and nothing else (you'll be too busy enjoying the cookie itself, lol).

Gluten Free Gourmet's Vanilla Yo Yo is available around Victoria, and of course, Gluten Free Favourites.

byron bay cookie co My second cookie in my order was the amazing Triple chocolate fudge cookie by the Byron Bay Cookie Company.

Now I know that the Vanilla Yo-yo was hard to beat - but the triple chocolate gave it a run for it's money! Again, at only $2 it's a bargain for a special treat.

As soon as I opened the packet I could smell the rich chocolately goodness and it didn't disappoint :D There were chunks of dark and white chocolate dotted in the big cookie that made my husband and I praise the chocolate heavens above. Finally, a decent gluten free chocolate cookie that everyone can enjoy!!

My Triple chocolate fudge cookie was bought from Gluten Free Favourites.

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Woolworths Freefrom range

woolies glutenfree2I don't shop at Woolies alot, so when I came across the 'Freefrom' range of biscuits in the health food aisle I had to try it out for myself.

I couldn't pick from the selection - so this week it's 'Freefrom Gluten Free Choc Coated Biscuits' which are wheat free. One packet was around $3.50 for 12 cookies inside.

woolies glutenfreeSurprisingly, like most gluten free cookies I've had, they're really amazing and addictive. I'll definately be trying the other flavours available.

Woolworths Freecall - 1800 103 515 for more info.

(I can't find an official webpage on the range, but Woolworths have some Allergies & Intolerances info up.)

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Thomas Chipman Corn Chips


I didn't realise these were Australian - finally a fantastic gluten free chip to enjoy :D I was skeptical on whether it would taste like a corn chip (or end up tasting like cardboard), but they were really tasty - even Regan ate a whole bunch of them (before I devoured the whole packet).

From their website - We are proud to confirm that all Thomas Chipman corn chips are certified gluten free by Coeliac Society of Australia. They are Australia's only certified gluten free corn chips.

Thomas Chipman Corn Chips

They'll be at the Gluten Free Gourmet Expo! And you can buy them online at Gluten Free Favourites Australia or in person at Macro Wholefoods, IGA or Woolworths

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Naturally Good Cookies

These are my FAVOURITE cookies ever - the peanut crunch cookies from Naturally Good.

naturally Gluten free, yeast free, dairy and egg free - and highly addictive! They're about $3-4 a packet, which is a bargain considering the value of a decent gluten free cookie. Found in some Bi-lo and Coles supermarkets, About Life (Balmain), Health Zone and other selected stores. Or you can buy them online at Gluten Free Favourites Australia.

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Black Rice Pudding

iku I'm all for great sweet treats that are okay for me - which is why I was happy to find Iku's Black Rice Pudding!

Ingredients include - black & brown rice, water, palm sugar, coconut, sea salt

Next up! A trip to one of their stores!

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Copperpot Pesto

Another gluten free find!
Australian company Copperpot have a great range of dips - including the Basil Pesto one I've been eating practically every day on toast or in my pasta.

Copperpot’s complete range of dips is gluten free and the company sponsors the various Coeliac Societies nationally.

All cheese based dips substantiate the Dairy Good symbol, as does the pâté range. The non-cheese based dips are suitable for vegetarians, contain no gluten and no artificial colours or flavours.

Found in the fridge section with the dips and cheeses, in Coles, Woolworths, Bi-lo and Franklins.

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Roberto's Cakes and Party Food

I've always driven past Roberto's on Victoria Rd, but never gone in. That was, until I saw their 'GLUTEN FREE CAKES' sign out the front!

It's a tiny store, but with a variety of different gluten free food - cakes, cupcakes, slices, curries, pastries and even mini pizza's.

The owner is gluten free himself, so you're sure care is taken with the food they offer :)

Roberto's Cakes & Party Food
Specialising in gluten free cakes
76 Victoria Road, Rozelle 2039
Ph 9555 1053

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Tropical Source Chocolate by Sunspire
tropical source - raspberry dark chocolate

tropical source - raspberry dark chocolateGreat tasting chocolate - definately something I would eat again! But unfortunately, I shouldn't of had any - being on a cocoa-free diet. I was trying to introduce chocolate back into my diet but I didn't react very well to it.

Still, I'd recommend it to anyone who loves a nice, gluten free, dairy free, dark chocolate. Just never tell me how nice it is and how 'just a little' will be fine, lol

Tropical Source Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar
Ingredients - Evaporated cane juice, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, freeze dried raspberries, roasted soy flour, soy lecithin (emulsifier), pure vanilla extract. Made in a plant that processes peanuts and tree nuts.

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Orgran Cookies

Orgran have a great line of cookies to try. My first was the Orgran Sultana & Cinnamon Cookies

Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Casein Free, Egg Free, Yeast Free, No added cane sugar, and 98% Fat Free!

Not bad, definately will try their other cookies.

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healtheries shortbread
Lemon and Lime Shortbread

Lucky for me - these are found in my local Coles! The great thing is, is that they taste great, just like the 'real' thing.

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Gourmet Treats From Heaven

FANTASTIC cakes - and gluten free!

It took me a while to track them down, but now I've tried the raspberry muffin and the carrot cakes. Yum. My favourite is the muffin though, the carrot cake was too crumbly for my liking (but I wouldn't say no if offered!)

finally!! carrot cake

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mellow yellow carob buttons

Because I can't have chocolate, carob is my source of sweetness when it comes to snacks.

Mellow Yellow have a wide range of healthy snacks (I love the Paw Paw) and ontop of that - the BEST carob I've ever had.

When it went out of stock for a few weeks, I went on a hunt for a replacement carob but nothing succeeded it and I went without. That's until I checked my Coles one night and there it was, fully stocked!

I bought 4 packets, and tend to stock up on more for our pantry.

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Ryvita ( has been great for me, so I tend to eat it for breakfast and as a snack.

Here are my suggestions -

Ryvita on it's own
Ryvita & Avocado
Ryvita with tomato & avocado
Ryvita with peanut butter & honey

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