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chop! chop!

Posted on February 25th, 2008 by Tracey

so after a couple of weeks of finding piles of my hair in the strangest places (the freezer, for example) and seeing myself get balder everyday, i took my butt to the hairdresser and got a hair cut!

it’s a nice change, going shorter. it’s definately alot lighter, which should help the amount that falls out. i’m not totally worried about it, it’s just a normal part of having a baby (your hormones go up and down, your hair gets thicker/nicer and then it gets thinner….)

if i get any balder though, you won’t see any photos of me for a long while and i’ll begin the biggest collection of hats & beanies this side of the universe.

the 6 week checkup!

Posted on December 12th, 2007 by Tracey

at 6 weeksso after dreading it and dreading it for the past few weeks – i bit the bullet and went into my doctor for the six week checkup you’re supposed to do after having a baby.. i’m just under 6 weeks post, but i figure i’d get it over and done with

i’m pretty proud of myself for going in – i’ve always hated the pap smear, and i was so nervous about it this time around. the doc was really nice about it – and it was over in less than a minute. she also checked my ovaries and gave me my first shot of the cervical cancer vaccine, which stings!

i also weighed myself while i was there out of curiosity (we don’t like scales in our home) and i’m 4kg’s away from the first weigh in i had (at 12 weeks pregnant). i’m not bothered by it though, i don’t feel like a whale so i’m not counting the calories..

so yay! thus ends my pregnancy related appointments. next up, jasper’s first immunisation in 2 weeks time

damn you, relaxin

Posted on November 25th, 2007 by Tracey

my feet are now too big for my cute shoes

i’d been wearing my haviana‘s exclusively since… march? because it was the only shoes i found comfortable while pregnant. and now, i’m doomed to continue wearing them foreverrrrrrrr


oh well, a great excuse for some maternity-leave, pre-christmas shoe shopping!

i also can’t wear my wedding or engagement rings still – i might wait another month or so before i get them sized up