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About Me

Wow – this About Me page was written in about 2013. I think I’ll leave it as is ….. 2020 Tracey 😉

Hello, I’m Tracey

Twenty Nine, Today.I’m 33, a wife and mum of three. I love to take photographs and blog about my life & loves.

I met my husband online in 2001, in a Radiohead messageboard. He moved from the US to live in Australia with me in 2003, and we were married in 2004. We have three beautiful kids – Jasper, Jovie and Miles.

Jasper is a 6 year old whirlwind of cheekiness. He loves to learn about the solar system and knows more about the moons on different planets than I do. He has a mild language & speech delay.

Jovie is a 5 year old ray of sunshine. She’s obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba and can sense food being prepared from a mile away. Jovie has Rett Syndrome, and you can read more about it here and here.

Miles is an 11 month old ball of monkey madness. He’s amazing & is a fantastic little brother.

I’m much more of a visual person – I tend to story tell better through photographs, than words. I love both film & digital photography. I own more cameras than I should.

I’m a bit shy but love meeting new people. I twitter alot more than I facebook. I blog alot more than I visit the salon. I instagram like a mofo.

My internet nerdiness
I worked in Web Development for over 10 years and tend to gravitate towards projects still.

I started blogging & photoblogging around 1998 when it was still new to keep an online journal.

I’ve been blogging at for over 10 years now and it’s seen me through the many milestones in my life so far. I picked the name ‘sh1ft’ because I felt like a name that would suit a blog over a long period of time – we’re all constantly shifting as we grow.

My main projects online include The Australian Baby Blog, photographic projects and Stitch Baby + Kids.

I started hosting online photographic projects back in 2003, it was called photographic projects. We had games such as The May Day Project (first photographic scavenger hunt which had over 1,000 people play!), 26 Things, Connect 8 and more…

Through The Australian Baby Blog, I’ve enjoyed blogging for companies like NIVEA, Johnson’s & Johnson’s and Stuck On You.

I have a seperate photoblog called shutterbug which is now more of an archive. I’ll be photo blogging over here from now 🙂

Our family portrait featured in my blog design was drawn by the talented, Nan Lawson.