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what a difference a year makes.

Posted on August 9th, 2013 by Tracey

Jovie 1 year ago today…

as i was thinking about how fast these 8 weeks have gone, i thought about how fast the past year has gone and how much we’ve packed in, just living life.

* June 2012, we received Jovie’s Rett Syndrome diagnosis. almost a year to the day of Miles’ birth actually which is a cool thing.
* Regan popped over to the States to visit his family in July
* Jovie and I had pneumonia
* I fell pregnant
* Our family and friends fundraised for Rett Syndrome Research in Australia and ran in a fun run
* My sister gets engaged
* Jasper had his adenoids out
* Jasper started school
* Regan started a new career
* Jovie started at her Autism specific day care
* I got back into photography (yay me!)
* Miles arrived!

i think as a family, we’ve packed in more things in the last 13 months than any other year. makes me wonder what’s coming up in the next year :)

gastroenteritis aka hell in a handbasket

Posted on July 16th, 2013 by Tracey


just when things are coming together, you’re in the bathroom & you don’t think you’ll get out of there alive. that was my Thursday night, lol.

there’s a nasty stomach bug going around – norovirus? – and it caught up with me last week. thankfully it had good timing, my mum was over my house when things started going south – so i was able to lock myself away from all 3 kids straight away. Regan also had the next 3 days off work, and it was the last days of school holidays too. it was a big comfort to know that i could hibernate away upstairs, knowing that the kids were being taken care of and we didn’t need to be anywhere until Monday.

oh god it sucked! what can you say when you are erupting, violently, from both ends? i would of rathered another csection haha. and yes, i was holding my csection incision in fear of it splitting again everytime i heaved … lovely.

my tips to survive gastroenteritis –
one. stay home and very close to a toilet. enough said.
two. stay away from loved ones while you’re still ejecting stuff from your body.
three. don’t take anti-diarrhea stuff, you’ll want everything out of your system asap.
four. ride it out – if it’s gastroenteritis then they can’t give you anything but advice.
five. sip water. when you can keep that down then drink water, or better yet – water with a rehydration tablet dissolved in it. you have to drink more than you normally would to replace the fluids & salts you’ve lost.
six. don’t eat until you’ve stopped vomiting for 12 hours. then start with very bland things like white toast or bananas. i’m now enjoying rice congee with ginger 3 times a day…
seven. if you can’t keep water down for more than a day, go to the ER for IV fluids.
eight. rest. stay home at least you stop crapping yourself.
ten. once you’re upright, bleach all the surfaces in your entire universe!!!!!!!! bleach is the only thing that will kill the bug, so wipe down every door handle, light switch, toilet, sink, tabletop and hard surface you can. let it dry & then go over again with a damp cloth.

i’m grateful that the worst is over within 2 days, though i still don’t feel 100% yet (4 days later for those googling for info about this crappy bug). it managed to bump me below my pre-pregnancy weight – not the way i wanted to do it… and Regan still won’t sit with me on the couch yet LOL.

it’s now Tuesday and the sun is shining outside – a great way to start fresh this week & hopefully bug free :)
and now i can start blogging about more joyus things!!!!

Norman Reedus in Sydney

Posted on January 30th, 2013 by Tracey

It’s no secret that i love The Walking Dead – we’ve been watching it when it first started in the States, and I’ve devoured all of the existing comic books so far. I even took the comics in with me when I had my cvs and my amnio as a ‘calm down’ strategy… Season 3 has been on a mid-season break for a couple of months, and is due to start in a couple of weeks, hooray!

By the grace of Buddha or some almighty being, Norman Reedus flew into Sydney this week for a quick promo tour. When I saw he was doing a Q&A, it took me about 10 minutes to figure out the logistics (will Regan be home to take care of the kids, what time do I have to leave, what would I eat in the car on the way there… hey I’m pregnant and hungry) before I booked a ticket. After a quick txt to my sister, I was lucky to book her a ticket also before it sold out completely.

The Q&A was pretty good – I will admit I had some secondhand embarrassment for some of the fan girls, but hey they gotta do what they gotta do, right? (I just don’t know what Norman would do with 50 billion portraits of himself). Would of been cool to get a photo with him, but I just could not compete with the SWARMS of people (men and women) who mobbed him 2 seconds after the Q&A was finished. Even in the darkness of the theatre, people jumped up onto the stage and clambered over the rows of chairs to get close. (I am REALLY happy that people got their photo with him though!)

It was really awesome to watch the last episode with 750 other TWD fans – especially the fight scene with the aquariums (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen it). A bunch of people screaming at a big screen when Andrea came on, and everyone cheering for Daryl in the last scene.

I’m SO glad that I sucked it up and waddled my pregnant butt over to Randwick – even if my body is paying for it today. Norman does seem like an easy going, friendly guy which is nice – and FX/PopcornTaxi did a good job at pulling it all together within a week.

For the Reedus fans, I’m going to post the few photos I took below the jump… enjoy!

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