which way is up?

look here, only a month between blog posts 😉

i’ve set aside a goal for me this year – well, the first half of the year – to figure out what my passion is and commit to it. something that i will do longer for a year. something that i can see myself doing for the next 5 years. something that i can talk and talk about without tiring, and without being embarassed.

i know, everyone wants this too. and lucky me, i get to figure this out!

elizabeth gilbert‘s book, Big Magic, has been a crazy bestseller and yes i managed to read it while waiting at school pickup over 8 weeks last year. a miracle in itself, but it was like she’s talking to me directly, while also talking to you and everyone else that needs a kick up the pants.

i think my problem is that i want to be THE BEST at whatever i’m doing. and if there’s a likelyhood that someone else is better, younger, smarter, cooler… then i shy away from it. how silly is that? what would i tell my kids? don’t bother? no way.

(freaky fact – as I’m typing this, the ladies on The View have JUST said what i said above about not bothering! weird. see everyone is talking about this! it’s not just me).

i was in website development for over 10 years before i wanted/needed to stop working full time to take care of Jovie. i know for sure that i can’t go back to that career, nor can i ‘just’ take care of Jovie forever. being a carer and a mum is always going to be with me, but i know there’s a part of Tracey that is yet to be fully discovered.


so off i go today, Monday. what a great day to figure out what makes me happy 🙂 onwards & upwards!

just do it.

Typically, I have been sitting here for 2 hours TRYING to get some blog stuff done, but have done nothing so far. LOL.

Jasper & Jovie are at school and Milesy decided to go to Grandma’s today – which gives me about 4 hours of ‘me time’ and I choose to sit and procrastinate like a pro. I have big ideas of updating my blog theme and then blogging about something interesting and fantastic – but nope, I’ve had 2 cups of tea and read Facebook about 5 times over. But that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Time for your brain to just do whatever it wants.

I stopped blogging over a year ago because things just didn’t seem interesting in my life – when in fact, there was tonnes going on and I just wanted to keep it to ourselves for a bit.

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Testing testing

Yes, it’s me. Yes, we’re alive! It’s 2016 – that last blog post was from 2014, lol.

I’ve been thinking about getting back into blogging – to tell you about our lives, our ups & downs, our loves and our treasured moments.

But first, I need to see if this old blog still works and then I need to give it a makeover.

Bear with me. It’ll only take another 2 years.