It’s been a huge year. One of the best, though.

I remember last year, where I felt a bit beaten down (health and mental health wise) but I decided I had enough and just started to do a few things – cut out gluten and yeast again (last time was for a few years before I fell pregnant with Jasper), cut out the refined sugars, stop eating so much processed foods, talk to a fantastic psychologist. I drink warm water with fresh lemon & ginger first thing every morning. I still eat as much chocolate as I can handle. I started studying to be a wellness coach, and I’m almost done and loving it. I’m a big believer in every day mindfulness.

I think after having gone through so much in the last 5 years, then not dealing with it properly and just learning along the way, and then actually settling in and addressing my personal issues with anxiety and panic attacks and boredom and being a carer and trying to find out who I am inbetween all of this stuff — I think I’ve come out a bit stronger and I like it.

I’m not perfect, life’s not perfect. But who wants perfect? You don’t get everything handed to you on a silver platter. You’re given what you’re given, and it’s your attitude towards it can either add or subtract to your experience.

So 35 feels good, and I hope that the road to 36 is just as positive and adventurous.

which way is up?

look here, only a month between blog posts 😉

i’ve set aside a goal for me this year – well, the first half of the year – to figure out what my passion is and commit to it. something that i will do longer for a year. something that i can see myself doing for the next 5 years. something that i can talk and talk about without tiring, and without being embarassed.

i know, everyone wants this too. and lucky me, i get to figure this out!

elizabeth gilbert‘s book, Big Magic, has been a crazy bestseller and yes i managed to read it while waiting at school pickup over 8 weeks last year. a miracle in itself, but it was like she’s talking to me directly, while also talking to you and everyone else that needs a kick up the pants.

i think my problem is that i want to be THE BEST at whatever i’m doing. and if there’s a likelyhood that someone else is better, younger, smarter, cooler… then i shy away from it. how silly is that? what would i tell my kids? don’t bother? no way.

(freaky fact – as I’m typing this, the ladies on The View have JUST said what i said above about not bothering! weird. see everyone is talking about this! it’s not just me).

i was in website development for over 10 years before i wanted/needed to stop working full time to take care of Jovie. i know for sure that i can’t go back to that career, nor can i ‘just’ take care of Jovie forever. being a carer and a mum is always going to be with me, but i know there’s a part of Tracey that is yet to be fully discovered.


so off i go today, Monday. what a great day to figure out what makes me happy 🙂 onwards & upwards!

just do it.

Typically, I have been sitting here for 2 hours TRYING to get some blog stuff done, but have done nothing so far. LOL.

Jasper & Jovie are at school and Milesy decided to go to Grandma’s today – which gives me about 4 hours of ‘me time’ and I choose to sit and procrastinate like a pro. I have big ideas of updating my blog theme and then blogging about something interesting and fantastic – but nope, I’ve had 2 cups of tea and read Facebook about 5 times over. But that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Time for your brain to just do whatever it wants.

I stopped blogging over a year ago because things just didn’t seem interesting in my life – when in fact, there was tonnes going on and I just wanted to keep it to ourselves for a bit.

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