Testing testing

Yes, it’s me. Yes, we’re alive! It’s 2016 – that last blog post was from 2014, lol.

I’ve been thinking about getting back into blogging – to tell you about our lives, our ups & downs, our loves and our treasured moments.

But first, I need to see if this old blog still works and then I need to give it a makeover.

Bear with me. It’ll only take another 2 years.


Jovie met Yo Gabba Gabba!

She’s loved them since she was a baby and we use it on her Tobii touch tablet as part of her therapy .. so I knew she was love it.

The show at Luna Park Sydney was great – at first too loud for her but she (and I) both were up and dancing. They had a charged up bubble machine during the bubble song – something we’ve seen on the DVD but amazing to see in person.

She started to get a bit cranky towards the end and was entering meltdown zone when we were in line to meet them. But luckily, as soon as we got to see and speak to DJ Lance, she calmed back down and tears turned into smiles. Bottle that magic and send it to me!

DJ Lance was really nice, it was only a quick 60 sec photo op but he asked how old she was, wished her a happy birthday and gave her a hug! I didn’t manage to give them our Rett Syndrome awareness card but did mention how important YGG was in Jovie’s therapy and how much she loves them.

While we sat on the side to gather our bag and jackets, Jovie lent in and have me a big sloppy kiss and kept looking over at them with a huge goofy grin.

Best day ever!!



Woah, 2014

So all of a sudden it’s May 2014. I didn’t mean to stay away from blogging for so long, but it felt necessary.

I won’t lie – I’ve had a rough year. Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy is a blessing but the hormones are just nuts. I’ve gone through a rough period, but I feel like I’m coming through the other side now and am ready to add things back into my life again.

I’ve just turned 33, the kids are doing great. Miles is almost ONE. Jovie’s about to turn FIVE. And Jasper is just this amazing little man. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I’ll go with it.