photo projects are coming back!

finally, finally, i’ve gotten somewhere close to finishing the design of the project site – which means i had time to think about the next project!

because february this year has an extra day, i’ve decided to start with A Day In The Life which will run on friday february 29, 2008. it’s been over a year since the last ‘Day’ project (i think??) so it’s about time it ran. the jist of the original idea is to do something you don’t normally do on the leap day – i remember the last one i went up sydney tower to conquer my fear of heights i did it, but only briefly, lol 😛

hopefully i will get some more time this week to post up more information on the site – – and also dig up some of the archives of the best ‘Day’ results from long ago. i finally feel like i’m getting somewhere!!

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CarrieJanuary 30th, 2008 at 5:09 am

Oh, I am so excited! I hope I have time to participate. Scratch that. I will have to make time to participate.

Btw, I like the tweaks you’ve been making to the design of your blog!